Piranha Press Brakes




Models range from 30 to 3000 tons

Eliminate guesswork and rework with a crowning system that automatically compensates for deflection through hydraulic cylinders in the bed. All you have to do is program your part, the material type, thickness and tools into the Delem controller, and it automatically adjusts for accuracy.

  • CNC press brakes featuring an advanced design with high speed, high accuracy and excellent rigidity
  • EasyCrown™ Hydraulic Crowning System is standard on all models
  • An Electro-hydraulic full loop servo system controls the synchronization of the ram
  • Dual gibbed ram structure with a self–lubrication system guarantees precise operation
  • CNC Hydraulic crowning system with a 3 piece bed design and c-frame throat deformation compensation system ensure precision bends
  • Cylinders are attached to ram with spherical floating supports and the piston and rod is equipped with a unique guiding system to assist during unbalanced loading
  • Backgauge components include: digital AC servo motors with precision bell screws and linear guide
  • Fiessler Laser Curtain
  • Interlocked Side and Rear Safety

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Too many manufacturers today base their machine’s productivity on computerized technology rather than the quality of the brake itself.We here at standard Industrial start with a solid well-designed 100% U.S. made machine and then add the merits of CNC capability to provide you with the best machine on the market today.

We are one of the top suppliers of the U.S. made Automec backgauges. We also offer from a base machine up to 6 axis CNC control including X, Y, R, X1 & X2 and Z1 & Z2. Add to this tooling and accessories from such fine manufacturers like R-K Brake Dies and Wila and their is no doubt that you have the best brake the U.S. has to offer.

  • Best built, heaviest brake on the market.
  • Least amount of deflection on any brake available.
  • All parts covered for 5 years and afterwards a lifetime supply of available parts from local vendors.
  • All press brakes available from base models up to 6 axis CNC control including X, Y, R, X1 & X2 and Z1 & Z2.


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