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CNC Plasma Table
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The Whitney 657CNC Combination Machine Tool uses the fastest technologies to make parts – Punching and Plasma Cutting. Punched holes provide accurate internal features. It is faster to punch holes than to pierce and contour holes with plasma or laser. External features are plasma cut. Advanced plasma-cutting technology provides highly productive contouring (much faster than laser) with high quality. Small kerf angle (vertical cuts) Dross-free cutting

Rapid Traverse Speed1000 ipm
ControlCNC (Whitney)

PUNCHING FORCE 360 kN 40 Tons MAXIMUM PUNCH SIZE 127 mm 5.000″ PUNCHING HIT RATE 80 hits per minute 80 hits per minute X-AXIS TRAVEL 920 mm 75.50″ Y-AXIS TRAVEL 1250 mm 49.20″ POSITIONING ACCURACY ±0.12 mm ±0.005″ NOMINAL DISTANCE BETWEEN PUNCH & TORCH (X-AXIS) 381 mm 15.0″ RAPID SPEED PER AXIS 25.4 M/min 1,000 in/min PUNCHING STROKE LENGTH 25.4 mm 1.000″ TOOLING STYLE Whitney 28XX Whitney 28XX MAXIMUM WORKPIECE WEIGHT 225 kg 500 lb MINIMUM WORKPIECE THICKNESS 1.5 mm 0.060″ MAXIMUM WORKPIECE THICKNESS 12.7 mm 0.500″ WORK CLAMP OPENING 16 mm 0.625″ MINIMUM WORK CLAMP SPREAD 150 mm 6.0″ MAXIMUM WORK CLAMP SPREAD 1320 mm 52.0″ PLASMA CUTTING SYSTEM Hypertherm HSD130 Hypertherm HSD130 PLASMA TORCH HEIGHT CONTROL SYSTEM Hypertherm Sensor PHC Hypertherm Sensor PHC CNC CONTROL Whitney Whitney

Equipped With

INCLUDED EQUIPMENT This proposal describes the Model 657 Combination Plasma Punch Machine Tool, 40 ton (360 kN) capacity, 49.2″ x 75.5″ (1250 mm x 1920 mm) positioning area, per attached specifications, for 460/3/60 volt incoming power. Included as standard equipment: Whitney Positioning / Contouring Control -15” (380mm) Touch screen CNC control -Windows XP operating system -32 Gb SSD Hard Drive – available for part program storage -15 Mb maximum part program size -Graphics display -Integrated parametric shape library -RJ45 Ethernet connection for networking and remote diagnostics capability Punching and Forming -‘C’ frame design with open throat -Electronic stroke control -Positive stripping -Pressure switch for forming and marking -Manual punch and die locking system -28XX tooling system -Slug collection pan Integrated Plasma System and Support Equipment -Hypertherm HSD130 plasma cutting system -Sensor PHC torch height control -Water cooled slag chamber -Dust collector and spark trap Hydraulic Work Clamp Assemblies -(2) work clamps with variable locations -1,500 PSDI (6.6 kN) clamping force per clamp -Replaceable work piece locators

Piranha-Whitney 657CNC Combination Machine

Piranha-Whitney 657CNC Combination Machine
CNC Plasma Table