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The Whitney 3700SST Combination Machine Tool uses the fastest technologies to make parts – Punching and Plasma Cutting.


PUNCHING FORCE 55 Tons 500 kN MATERIAL THICKNESS Minimum .060″ 1.5 mm Maximum .750″ 19.0 mm MAXIMUM PUNCH DIAMETER 5.000″ 127 mm PUNCHING CAPACITY A36 (60ksi / 410 MPa Shear Strength) .250″ (6 mm) 5.000″ (shear) 127 mm .375″ (10 mm) 3.234″ (shear) 82 mm .500″ (12 mm) 1.938″ (shear) 49 mm .625″ (16 mm) 1.234″ (shear) 31 mm .750″ (19 mm) 0.766″ (flat) 19 mm PUNCHING HIT RATE 180 HPM 10 gage (3 mm) material punched on 1″ (25.4 mm) centers PROCESSING AREA X-axis 120″ 3030 mm Y-axis 63″ 1600 mm POSITIONING SPEED PER AXIS 2,000 in/min 50 M/min MINIMUM PROGRAMMED INCREMENT 0.001″ 0.01 mm MAXIMUM MATERIAL WEIGHT 1,000 # 450 kg MAXIMUM BLANK SIZE 60″ x 120″ 1500 mm x 3050 mm Requires (2) auxiliary support tables (included). Longer plates must be reviewed by APPROXIMATE SHIPPING WEIGHT 65.000 # 30,000 kg Optional accessories will increase overall shipping weight. FOUNDATION REQUIREMENT A 6.00” / 150 mm thick reinforced concrete is an acceptable foundation for the machine. The 3700SST rests on isolation pads (included). ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS 460/3/60 175A PNEUMATIC REQUIREMENTS 50 scfm @ 90 psi 1700 L/min @ 6.2 bar WATER REQUIREMENTS 1/2″ NPT inlet 330 gallons (initial fill) 1250 L (initial fill) APPROXIMATE FLOOR SPACE Front – Back 340″ 8650 mm Left – Right 284″ 7191 mm Height (Tool Changer) 130″ 3302 mm Height (Press Frame) 113″ 2871 mm Height (Power Island) 97″ 2464 mm

Equipped With

INCLUDED EQUIPMENT This proposal describes the Model 3700 SST Fabricating Center, 55 ton (550 kN) capacity, 60″ x 120″ (1525 mm x 3050 mm) positioning area, per attached specifications, for 460/3/60 volt incoming power, including: The Whitney CNC control includes: 15” (380mm) Touch screen CNC control 32 Gb SSD Hard Drive – approximately 20 Gb available for part program storage 15 Mb maximum part program size Graphics display Integrated parametric shape library RJ45 Ethernet connection for networking and remote diagnostics capability Digital AC servo drives and motors Automatic Tool Changing, , including Storage Rack with (42) tool storage capacity, interfaced with the CNC for automatic operation. The tooling system uses Whitney 36TC style tools and includes (1) alignment tool set. Programmable Small Parts Drop Door, 18″ x 24″, (450 mm x 600 mm), located immediately next to the plasma torch, used for automatically unloading small parts and cut-outs. A sensor detects the passage of a finished part through the drop door. For reliability purposes, the sensor confirms that the part passes through the door before the machine is released to proceed to the next move, and for productivity reasons, the sensor also triggers the door to close as soon as the part passes. Average drop door cycle time is only 2.5 seconds. Hypertherm MAXPRO200®, LongLife® air and oxygen plasma cutting system with impressive cutting speeds, consistent cut quality, and exceptional consumable life. Whitney Halo, plasma torch collision detection device. Hydraulic Work Clamp Assembly, including (2) standard work clamps for up to 3/4″ (19 mm) thick material. Protection is provided by a clamp verification cycle in the CNC Control. This ensures proper physical location of the work clamps relative to the values in the CNC control. Programmable Repositioning Assembly is designed to relocate the work clamps on the material in order to process areas of the material that are within the work clamp safety zones. Automatic repositioning allows the repositioning of material blanks which are longer that the X-axis. NOTE :If the machine will be making finished parts longer than the X-axis length, please contact Whitney to review the specific application. Hydraulic Pressure Switch Circuit, selectable through part program, for ram reversal upon pressure. This allows forming work such as center punch marks, number stamps, countersinks, louvers, and embossing to be done. Programmable selection of punch/stripper height to allow for mill tolerance bowed material and forming tools. Bowed material must be loaded with the bow up. Hydraulic Power Unit, with 40 H.P. drip-proof motor and hydraulic oil. Automatic Punch Lubrication, with reservoir. Automatic Machine Lubrication, CNC controlled, for automatic grease lubrication of Ball Screw end bearings, ball nuts and linear way bearings relating to the X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis (the Tool Changer vertical movement assembly). Grease is distributed hourly using a pump, counter and regulator system. Remote Diagnostics Package allows many machine problems to be diagnosed via the Internet using TeamViewer. W. A. Whitney Service Technicians can log directly onto the CNC control for the purpose of diagnosing problems, reviewing NC programs, downloading new software, and changing parameters if required. Customer is responsible for providing a suitable Ethernet connection at the machine CNC control with Internet access. A telephone line or cell phone is recommended so that the technician can talk to the operator/maintenance person while diagnosing the problem. Software License for all software resident on the CNC Control. The software is proprietary, and the intellectual property of W. A. Whitney Co. Prior to the commissioning of the machine tool, the user must sign a software license agreement. This is a non-transferable license that must be renewed by any and all subsequent owners of the machine tool. The value of this software license is $1,500.00, and it is included in the price of the machine. Operating and Service Manual consisting of (1) print copy and (1) CD copy W. A. Whitney Documentation and (1) print copy of Vendor Documentation including Siemens CNC and Drives. Electrical Standards – The machine conforms to W. A. Whitney electrical design standards which are based on N. E. C., NFPA-79, and UL Standards with deviations. Components are NEMA and IEC rated where possible.

Piranha-Whitney 3700SST Combination Machine

Piranha-Whitney 3700SST Combination Machine
CNC Plasma Table