Nitto Kohki Portable Punch


Mesa Machinery provides Nitto Kohki’s full line of magnetic based drills and portable beam punches.

Nitto Kohki U.S.A., Inc. was founded in 1969 to provide sales and provide services of machine tools and quick-connecting fluid couplings that are designed and manufactured by Nitto Kohki Co., Ltd. located in Tokyo, Japan. We attained a position at the forefront of the industry, pioneering the development of unique, high quality products based on the core technologies of fluid mechanics, precision engineering and more recently, electronic engineering. Through our products, Nitto Kohki has consistently offered customers advantages in terms of labor savings, improved working environments and efficient manufacturing.

Model HA11-1624 HA07-1624 HA06-1322
Max. Punching Diameter : 1-1/16″ Max. Punching Diameter : 15/16″ Max. Punching Diameter : 7/8″
Max. Punching Thickness : 5/8″* Max. Punching Thickness : 5/8″ Max. Punching Thickness : 1/2″
Max. Output : 49 tons Max. Output : 49 tons Max. Output : 34 tons
Max. Throat Depth 4-5/16″ 2-3/4″ 2-3/8″
Hole Making Time Punching Time 16.5 sec. Punching Time 16.5 sec. Punching Time 10.5 sec.
Returning Time 1 sec. Returning Time 1 sec. Returning Time 1 sec.
Allowable Max. Pressure 10,000 psi 10,000 psi 10,000 psi
Weight 78 lbs. 63 lbs. 47 lbs.
Accessories Included • Hose Cord Assembly • Spanner • Sub Handle Assembly • Tool Box
• 22 mm Punch & Die mounted on machine • 4mm Allen Wrench


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