Piranha P Series Press Brake Models

Available up to 3,000 ton bending capacity

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  • Available up to 3,000 ton bending capacity
  • Integrated hydraulic bed crowning
  • Easy to program Delem controls
  • Fiessler laser curtains standard
  • Other Models Available Upon Request


  • Y1, Y2 Control ram movement
  • X or (X1, X2) Control back gauge front and rear movement
  • X1 Prime Controls X1 only 3.94” +/-
  • R or (R1, R2) Controls back gauge bar up and down
  • Z1/Z2 Controls back gauge fingers left and right

Structural features

  • European design
  • Full steel plate welded structure
  • Stress relieved
  • Machined in one set up to assure parallelism and verticality of all mounting surfaces
  • Safety side door guards and rear safety gate
  • Movable front support arms


  • Single guide/gib system ensures precise ram movement
  • Parallel tolerance of Y1 and Y2 +/- 0.0004”
  • Y1 and Y2 can be programmed separately allowing for off center loading or cone bending
  • Dwell at the bottom of stroke can hold the work piece clamped under pressure and can be programmed to assure precision bends
  • Slow speed return, allows the operator to control work piece after the bend is completed
  • European/American Reversible Precision clamping style for upper tool holder

Hydraulic system

  • Advanced closed-loop electro-hydraulic synchronized servo-control system
  • Hydraulic system from REXROTH/HOERBIGER Germany
  • Elgo magnetic scale and positioning system, with a hydraulic balancing system which allows processing of full length work pieces or sectionalized bending
  • Overload protection
  • Sight glass on tank for easy oil level checks

Back gauge system

  • Available up to 6 axis for complex parts with multiple bends
  • High speed precision back gauge .001 repeatability
  • X axis is driven by digital AC Servo-motors with ball screw and linear ways
  • Back gauge is a box tube design for mechanical strength and rigidity
  • Fingers are designed to increase the working range of back gauge

Electrical system

  • Electrical components are sourced to ensure reliability, longevity and common off the shelf replacement
  • Standard Foot Pedestal with Emergency Stop Button

CNC controller

  • Delem DA-58T CNC controller from the Netherlands
  • Offline programming capable

Standard tooling and configuration

  • Upper tool clamping: European/American Reversible Precision
  • Lower die rail with standard US tang

List of main commercial components

Name Supplier
CNC system Netherlands (DELEM)
Servo motor DELTA
Servo drive
Hydraulic system Germany (REXROTH/HOERBIGER)
High-pressure filter HYDAC
High-pressure gear pump SUMITOMO
Linear scale ELGO
Linear guide HIWIN
Ball screw Italia(MEGADYNE)
Synchronous belt
Cylinder Seals Austria (ECONOMOS)
Proximity switch Switzerland (CONTRINEX)
AC contactor France (SCHNEIDER)
Electrical Components France (SCHNEIDER)
Germany, WAGO
Pendant arm ESTUN