Piranha HD-Series Plasma Cutting Table

Piranha HD Plasma tables provide near LASER cut quality for a significantly lower investment than fiber LASER cutting.

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Build Your HD Series

Piranha HD510 (5’ x 10’ cutting area)

Piranha HD Plasma tables provide near LASER cut quality for a significantly lower investment than fiber LASER cutting. That makes Piranha HD plasma tables an excellent value for precision cutting, at a cost lower than competing plasma cutters.

Select options to build your perfect table. Specifications for each option are listed in the description.


  1. Rugged Construction – All-Welded Steel Frame (not bolt-together) with high accuracy linear guides and bearings. Machine is assembled complete at the factory
  2. Dual Side Drive – gantry driven on both sides for maximum stability
  3. CNC Control with Hypertherm MicroEdge Pro or Edge Connect
  4. Panasonic servo motors and drives – Powerful 750-watt servo motors (not stepper motors) on both X-axis and Y-axis with a maximum traverse speed of 787 in/min.
  5. Zoned Down draft exhaust system – with 6 zones
  6. Hypertherm Sensor Torch Height Control – controls torch height automatically
  7. Breakaway Torch Mounting – protects the torch from inadvertent part tip-ups


Effecting Cutting Area 63” x 122”
Maximum Material Thickness 2”
Maximum Rapid Speed 787 IPM
CNC Control Hypertherm MicroEdge Pro or Edge Connect
Frame and Bridge Construction Welded Tubular Steel
Drive Motors X-axis – Two Servo Motors
Y-axis – Servo Motor
Torch Height Control – Hypertherm Sensor
Drive System X-axis – Rack and Pinion each side
Y-axis – Rack and Pinion
Z-axis – Ball Screw
Torch Control Arc Voltage with Initial Height Sensing
Torch Protection Yes
Zoned Downdraft Table 6 zones


Piranha HD510 5’ x 10’ 13’10” X 9’9”


Hypertherm Powermax 125 125A
Hypertherm MAXPRO200 200A
Hypertherm HPR130XD 130A
Hypertherm XPR170Core or Optimix* Console 170A
Hypertherm XPR300Core or Optimix* Console 300A
*NOTE: Vented Water Injection (VWI) processes using water shield technology are not supported.


Air Dryer Unit (see note) Water-oil separator and post filter. This option requires separate 120VAC electrical service.
NOTE: Not needed if Three-Stage Filter System is ordered.
Three-Stage Filter System (see note) A series of three different filters to remove moisture, oil, and particulate.
NOTE: Not needed if Air Dryer Unit is ordered.
Dust Collection System
– Steel Cutting Only (see note)
Camfil Farr GSP 6-Cartridge Dust Collector (see description)Requires separate 460v supply
Additional Dust Collection System – Aluminum Cutting Camfil Farr GSP 6-Cartridge Dust Collector including explosion vent, manual damper valve, spark cooler, and explosion isolation valve
Requires separate 460v supply
ProNEST® Programming System for HD and X-Definition™ plasma systems
ProNEST® Add-On Modules
NOTE: These modules are available for additional functionality of ProNEST®
  • Automatic Nesting
  • Common-line Cutting
  • Chain and Bridge Cutting
  • Skeleton Cut-Up
  • Pipe and Fittings Library

Piranha Plasma Table Advantages

  • RUGGED CONSTRUCTION An all-welded steel frame means you get the precision alignment plasma cutting you expect from a name like Piranha. You’ll be producing quality cuts for years with our high-accuracy linear guide and bearings.
  • DUAL SIDE DRIVE With motors on both sides of the Y-axis, we give you maximum stability and the highest quality part.
  • CNC CONTROL This fully integrated system is ready to take on any design or part you throw at it. With an extensive shape library, and LCD monitor – we have you operating like a fabricator should.
  • PANASONIC SERVO MOTORS AND DRIVES Giving you the high performance you demand these powerful servo motors (yes real servo motors, not stepper motors) on the X and Y axis keep your machine on the move.
  • AFFORDABLE A solid, high-quality standard or HD plasma table at a surprisingly low price.
  • DOWN DRAFT EXHAUST SYSTEM We took the hassle out of waste disposal by eliminating messy sludge of water tables. Our pre-vented duct work with an exhaust fan for plasma cutting dust extraction means your shop stays nice and clean.
  • MICROSTEP PROGRAMMABLE TORCH HEIGHT CONTROL Consistent programmable torch height control means you re getting the perfect part from your plasma table every time.
  • BREAKAWAY TORCH MOUNTING Your torch stays protected from inadvertent part tip ups.