Piranha T Series Press Brake Models

Available from 35-280 ton models.

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  • Available from 35-280 ton models
  • Standard X-Axis back gauge
  • Simple CNC control
  • Other Models Available Upon Request


  • Y Control ram movement
  • X Control back gauge front and rear movement
  • R Controls back gauge bar up and down Manual
  • Z1/Z2 Controls back gauge fingers left and right Manual

Structural features

  • European design
  • Full steel plate welded structure
  • Stress relieved
  • Machined in one set up to assure parallelism and verticality of all mounting surfaces
  • Safety side door guards and rear safety gate
  • Movable front support arms

Ram/Torque Tube

  • Single guide/gib system ensures precise ram movement
  • Parallel tolerance of Y +/- 0.001”
  • Robust Link from Torque Tube to Ram
  • Robust Design for the Torque Tube to Frame Connection
  • European Precision clamping style for upper tool holder

Hydraulic system

  • Hydraulic system from SYI
  • Overload protection with tonnage control manual set
  • Sight glass on tank for easy oil level checks

Back gauge system

  • Precision back gauge +/- 0.002 repeatability
  • X axis is driven by digital AC Servo-motors with ball screw and linear ways
  • Back gauge is a heavy design for mechanical strength and rigidity
  • Fingers are designed to increase the working range of back gauge

Electrical system

  • Electrical components are sourced to ensure reliability, longevity and common off the shelf replacement
  • Standard Foot Pedestal with Emergency Stop Button

CNC controller

  • Estun E21 controller
  • 40 Programs and 25 steps per program

Standard tooling and configuration

  • Upper tool clamping: European Precision Clamps
  • Lower 4 way die rail with standard US tang
  • Tooling supplied with machine is a basic starter set
  • Supplied with a Goose Neck Punch
  • Supplied with a 7 Way Bottom Die

List of main commercial components

Name Supplier
CNC system ESTUN E21
Servo motor GeShi
Servo drive
Hydraulic system SYI
High-pressure gear pump Sunny
Linear guide HIWIN
Cylinder Seals Austria (ECONOMOS)
Proximity switch Switzerland (CONTRINEX)
Electrical Components France (SCHNEIDER)
Pendant arm ESTUN