Whitney Punching Centers





NO WARPED OR MISSHAPEN PARTS The punching cylinders on our Whitney combination machine are fully hydraulic. Our Reactive Stripping process actually grips the material, and push and pull it through the material, leaving your parts flat and highly accurate. Many of our competitors use a turret style machine, which actually hammers the parts through the material. This can leave your parts warped or misshapen, leaving you with the hours and expense of rework.

BETTER EDGE QUALITY Our counter-balanced cutting head rides on the surface of the material following the contour of the plate, keeping the distance precise throughout the cutting process.

INSTANT REMOVAL OF FINISHED PARTS When the part is finished it goes through the drop door, and sensors indicate that the part has been completely removed. That’s a big benefit to Whitney users, because once a part is complete, it’s immediately available for other operations, and the combination machine can continue making more parts.

ELIMINATE DOWNSTREAM PROCESSES The10hp or 30hp Servo Drilling System is a great option if your parts have drilled, tapped, or countersunk holes. This feature integrates your drilling operations to greatly increase efficiency and reduce costs.

ALL THE TOOLS YOU NEED Whitney’s Automatic Tool Changer opens wide – up to 2-1/2″ – so that high forms or non-flat sheets can be run reliably. The Tool Caddy can add 21 additional tools to make our combination machines even more productive.

ABILITY TO RUN LONG PARTS The Whitney combination machines only move the plate in one direction, while the machine moves over the plate in the other. This means that our machines can run very long parts—up to 24 feet. Because of Whitney’s unique design, we can run these parts with a large clamp spread and never torque the X-axis. The result is longer parts that are more accurate.

THE PLATE IS ALWAYS IN PLACE When you’re running parts that are longer than the axis of the machine, the Whitney combination machine has an automatic repositioning system. Cylinders come down and hold the plate, the work clamps release, move to a new location, and re-grip the sheet. This allows you to run twice the length of the X-axis, meaning you don’t need to invest in a larger, longer machine just because you have a part that needs it. The Whitney combination machine can handle it all.

EASY-CLEAN SLAG CHAMBER Because the Whitney combination machine only moves the plate in one direction and the machine in the other, we can capture all your slag material in a chamber underneath the cutting-head. This keeps the cutting area clean, and your shop stays free of smoke.

NEVER MIX UP PARTS AGAIN Many parts can look very similar and be difficult to identify for internal use. The Whitney ink-jet marking system can alleviate this problem by putting identifying numbers on parts as the come off the machine. This system can do alpha and numeric characters, as well as graphics anywhere on the plate.

DO MORE IN FEWER STEPS In other machines, forming processes like counter-sinking would have to be done with a cutting tool. Whitney combination machines first punch a hole, then use a special tool and form that counter-sink around the pilot. Our machines can make consistent counter-sinks very quickly. We can also do plow-bolt holes, louvering, lance and form, half-shear forms, and any type of form you can do on a turret press.

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